Ernesto Cordero
Ernesto Cordero


“..a healthy combination of skill, sensitive invention and sound musical effect’’.
New York Times

“Cordero quintessentializes for us the sonority of the world of XVI century music, with a contemporary touch, in a totally organic manner. His sonority also possesses a quality which humanity has sought and will forever seek; a serene beauty”.
Leo Brouwer

“Finesse. Full of folklore and deep lyricism. It’s a new Caribbean sonority”.
Julián Orbón

CD Three Caribbean Concertos by Ernesto Cordero. “They are a very substantial contribution not only to Latin-American literature but to the global guitar”.
Colin Cooper

Concierto de Bayoán “I truly consider this concerto as one of the most important works written for guitar and orchestra”.
Carlos Barbosa Lima

“…there is Ernesto Cordero in Puerto Rico, a very good composer”.
Roque Cordero

Concierto Antillano “…what a superb addition to the guitarist repertoire…”
Ron Purcell